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Finding North Without a Compass

A retired Army officer and retired Fortune 500 executive, Warren may be best known for making waves while serving on the Mequon Common Council and Ozaukee County Board. He's no longer an elected official, but he has plenty to say about local, state and national issues.



These are certainly interesting times.  While hundreds of thousands of people are putting their lives on the line to promote democratic processes in their lands of Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and Iran, forty-some thousand of Americans gathered in Madison to subvert the democratic process. What a contrast for the world to see!

Returning to the presidential election of 2008, Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party won decisively, not only carrying the presidency but garnering large majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives.  “Hope and Change” was their motto and President Obama together with Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate passed a whirlwind of legislation that more than met the “Change” definition, but certainly attenuated “Hope.”  You may remember Mr. Obama’s response to Republicans at a negotiating session, to wit: “We won.”  Democrats passed a bevy of legislation that increased the deficit and soared the national debt to dangerous territory, while the Republicans in the Congress were muted.

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