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Speaking the Truth

Gary is an author, trial lawyer, Mequon-area resident and town of Cedarburg supervisor. He is a columnist for the News Graphic and writes for several Wisconsin area magazines and is a national columnist with The American Thinker and PJ Media.  He lives with his wife, Lisa, and has three sons ages 18 to 28. Gary won Ozaukee County in his bid for the Wisconsin Assembly's 60th District in 2011, but came up just 58 votes short.


It has been ten long and painful years since the eleven short seconds it took the 200,000 tons of steel formerly known as the World Trade Center Towers to collapse, crushing 2,595 innocent fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives. It has been ten years of mourning for the friends and family members of the 266 innocent Americans whose ordinary travel day ended with their full-throttled jets crashing at 550 miles per hour into solid buildings or a field in Pennsylvania. Three hundred sixty-six innocent firemen and policemen bravely doing their jobs rushed into the World Trade Center buildings moments before those buildings were erased from the New York skyline. It has been ten empty years for thousands of innocent American children who have had to cry softly on Christmas mornings or at their birthday parties because their mommy or daddy couldn't be at events no parent wants to miss. It has been ten years of simmering anger and an unquenchable thirst for justice since 200 people chose leaping to their death from 100 stories in the air to concrete below over the agony of a death in the blast furnace of burning jet fuel. Ten long years.

Fourteen hundred miles to the south of Ground Zero sits the man responsible for all of the horror. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a key member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization and the second-most famous terrorist in history, sits in relative luxury. Known as KSM, the self-confessed mastermind behind the horrors of 9/11 is the planner of 31 terrorist attacks, including the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, the Operation Bojinka plot, an aborted 2002 attack on the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the Millennium Plot, and the murder of Daniel Pearl. Ten years after 9/11, America still suffers while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed enjoys taxpayer-funded privileges and amenities some of his victims don't even have access to. 

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