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Finding North Without a Compass

A retired Army officer and retired Fortune 500 executive, Warren may be best known for making waves while serving on the Mequon Common Council and Ozaukee County Board. He's no longer an elected official, but he has plenty to say about local, state and national issues.



Now that "Tsunami Tuesday" is behind us and Governor Romney has put his presidential campaign on hold, it appears that Senator John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President. The big question is whether the conservative wing of the Republican party will now emulate the lemmings and dash blindly off the cliff in mass suicide rather than support the Party’s nominee.

The lemmings, as you may know, are small rodents who reside near the Arctic Circle, and are alleged to commit mass suicide when they migrate by jumping off a cliff into the sea rather than change course. The comparison is apt since we have already heard from far right wingers like Ann Coulter and Dr. James Dobson that will either stay home come November or vote for Hillary Clinton. Rush Limbaugh is uncommitted but teetering in that direction.

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