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Dave Richmond has combined his work with his love of beer for more than eight years with the Madrigrano families, and is now Global Brands Manager at Beer Capitol Distributing-Lake Country in Sussex. In his position, Dave is responsible for coordinating the marketing and merchandising programs for all the Global brands. The beer products featured in his blog are primarily those distributed but not limited to by Beer Capitol Distributing Lake Country.

Beer Choices for Football this weekend

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As everyone continues to face this brutal cold spell I thought I would give everyone some choices for beer selections this weekend for the continuation of the NFL playoffs.

1. Think Spring- Choices are starting to pop up that signal the beginning of spring.  Leinenkugel's 1888 Bock is now avaible and it is simply a great bock beer.  Full of flavor and gives us hope that Spring will soon be here.  Other spring beers that are beginning to appear are Sam Adams White Ale, Lakefront Big Easy( a celebration of Mardi Gras), and Blue Moon Spring Ale.

2. Team choices-Pick a beer that represents the character of each team:

Arizona: To fit with their warm weather, Corona or Corona Light to give you that escape from the cold.

Phildelphia- To fit with their history, Sam Adams beers to go with the Brewer/Patriot that signed the Decleration of Independence

Baltimore: This one is a stretch, but the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe-stick with dark beers to fit with his writing, look for Stouts( Murphy's,Beamish, Bells Kalamazoo Stout)), Porters( Tyranena Black Hawk Porter) would fit the bill.

Pittsburgh- To pair with the gritiness of the area of Pennsylvania-Pabst Blue Ribbon-a classic blue collar beer perfect to pair with the Steelers.

3. Your favorites:

Pair your favorite beer choice with some great appetizers and snacks for the 2 games this weekend

Enjoy the games.


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