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Speaking the Truth

Gary is an author, trial lawyer, Mequon-area resident and town of Cedarburg supervisor. He is a columnist for the News Graphic and writes for several Wisconsin area magazines and is a national columnist with The American Thinker and PJ Media.  He lives with his wife, Lisa, and has three sons ages 18 to 28. Gary won Ozaukee County in his bid for the Wisconsin Assembly's 60th District in 2011, but came up just 58 votes short.

THE AXIS OF LIBERALISM: Why Hollywood, Academia, and the Press Are Liberal

The triumvirate of media, academia, and Hollywood has been referred to as the Axis of Liberalism. The media with its liberal bias swooned over the election and re-electon of Barack Obama and has helped influence public discourse during significant watershed moments in our country's history. Academia, out of touch with most of America, still favors reparations for slavery and by a 13 to 1 margin votes overwhelming on the left, yet a majority of Americans ship their young, impressionable children off to these spider holes for liberal indoctrination, paying dearly for it in the process. Hollywood elitists with time on their hands spout liberal party lines and adopt leftist causes because it is a smart career choice, and the world appears to listen.

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AND THEN THERE WERE NONE: The Last State Prohibiting Concealed Carry Bites The Dust

Christmas came early for law-abiding gun owners. Recently, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Illinois' ban on carrying concealed weapons - the last-remaining such ban in the country. The landmark decision gave state lawmakers six months to come up with their own version of the law that legalizes concealed carry. 

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