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Grab the Right Glass

Looking around on a night out, you'll notice people enjoying beer in a variety of oddly shaped glasses.  Some are short and wide; others are tall and slender.  Some may even have stems.

The reason for these different glasses is simple: depending on what kind of beer you're drinking, the glass shape can affect its aroma as well as how the head forms and sits, both of which ultimately affect the beer's flavor.  To get the maximum flavor from whatever beer you're drinking, use glassware that fits the style.  Here's a quick guide to grabbing the right glass.

Pints are the universal beer glass.   There are two main types: the 16-ounce and the 20- ounce "Imperial," which has a slight bulge near the top.   Use these for stouts, ales and porters. They're great for Bell's Expedition Stout or Anchor Steam Porter.

The tallest option is the wheat beer or weizen glass.  Obviously, this one is meant for wheat beers like Hacker-Pschorr Weisse or Paulaner Hefe Weiss.  Its tall shape provides room for the fluffy, thick head to cap off and trap the beer's aroma.

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ADOPTED! Meet Mr. Max Gimble

UPDATE!  UPDATE!   Max was adopted by a young couple from Verona on Sunday.  They are thrilled with their new pal and Max is adjusting well to having three cat siblings! 

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How The Milwaukee County Parks Department Ranks Nationally In Its Offerings

According to the Trust for Public Land, a national center concerned with conserving land for people, here is how the Milwaukee County Park System stacks up to other large metropolitan park systems in a number of areas.

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ADOPTED! Playful Jake is a staff favorite


Jake is a treasured dog among the staff and volunteer dog walkers at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  He always greets you with a huge smile, like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.  A bad day at work or school is quickly cured by his cheerful demeanor and eagerness to entertain you. Jake LOVES to go for walks and play in the snow, regardless of the temperature. He is an active, silly boy who thinks independently yet cherishes the companionship of humans.

Jake is a 2 ½ year old Labrador Retriever/Newfoundland mix. He’s been called a “goofy newfie” on more than one occasion. He enjoys the pursuit of tennis balls and proudly demonstrates his ability to catch balls mid-air.  This seventy pound dog is also very affectionate and loving; after a good bout of exercise, Jake adores getting tummy rubs and ear scratches. Jake will undoubtedly bring great joy into someone’s life.

Does he sound like a good match for you?  Check him out at or call 414-ANIMALS for adoption information.

Jake, like many dogs, barrels through snow piles with glee and is entranced by snow falling from the sky. However, all dog guardians should be aware that cold weather can be very dangerous for dogs. From frostbite and cracked paws to antifreeze and sidewalk salt, winter can pose many threats to your dog’s safety. Check out cold weather safety tips at the WHS web site.

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Little ones need homes, too

From an Abyssinian Guinea Pig named Mango to Sparkles, a Rex Rabbit, the Wisconsin Humane Society has a myriad of small animals right now!  All these petite pals are looking for new homes and make great companions. 

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Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong


In wake of the recent Virginia Tech tragedy, it is important that we do not repeat history. Cho Seung-hi wasn’t the first student to turn into a mass murderer, and he won’t be the last. As his parents struggle to figure out where they went wrong, we as a society need to quickly put our finger on the answer and pull the trigger. These are our children committing these atrocities. Even before the young victims were buried, politicians began falling into the same old trap of blaming everything under the sun from guns to global warming. The media immediately began what the lawyers soon took over – blaming Virginia Tech - instead of putting responsibility where it belonged. This explains why they continue to search for, but will never find the answer they seek. They are looking in the wrong place.

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ADOPTED! Riggins will warm up your heart and home

Update! Riggins was adopted by a great family.  

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Beer and Your Health

Well, we're nearing the end of the month, so I thought it would be fitting to check in on the most common New Year's resolution - the pledge to be more healthy - and how beer can help you keep that promise.  

Many of us have gone on diets, joined gyms and cut out unhealthy behaviors - but that doesn't mean you need to give up beer.  In fact, medical research has found that moderate beer consumption can improve health, ward off disease and increase brain activity.  New studies proving additional health benefits of consuming beer continue to emerge.  And that's news worth drinking to. Here are some recent findings

Hops for Heart Health
Last year, a team of doctors at Germany's Innsbruck Medical University found that beer offers anti-inflammatory effects that may reduce cardiovascular risk.  The authors note that "this might be connected with the calming effect of beer," and that beer promotes "the availability of the 'happiness hormone' serotonin."  Simply put, the happiness a pint or two brings us can have a "beneficial impact on coronary heart diseases."  A few especially hearty beers to try include Leinenkugel's Red, Bell's Brewery Amber Ale and Capital Brewery Maibock.

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UPDATE: Elize got adopted!

UPDATE: Eliza is now in a new home!

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Licensing an Invention: Negotiating Tips for Individual Inventors

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The Northshore Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club which meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Frank L. Weyenburg Mequon Thiensville Library at 5:45 p.m. (Our club will meet next on Febuary 26th.) This month’s discussion topic will be "Getting Into 'Big Box' Stores and Beyond". For more information, visit our Inventor's Club Homepage at

Licensing is a topic that comes up week after week at the Northshore I&E Club as our inventors progress down the path of turning concepts into products. I'm especially pleased to see so many of our local inventors successfully negotiating and procuring licensing agreements.  But I caution that expectations must be realistic, and I've yet to see any of our members become a millionaire overnight by landing a licensing agreement.

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Presidential Primary Follies

We are now well into the Presidential Primary season. It makes me long for the "good old days" when candidates were selected in smoke-filled rooms based upon their ability to lead the nation and their electability. In those days we got FDR vs. Herbert, FDR vs. Alf, FDR vs. Wendell, Harry vs. Tom, and Ike vs. Adlai -- and the country couldn't go wrong with either candidate. 

Then, we came up with the Primary System, which not only became a popularity contest but a system that is being employed by voters to use their votes, not to show support for a candidate, but as a weapon against another candidate. Most of latter derives from the so called "open primary" wherein any voter can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary. That will be the case here in Wisconsin on our primary day of February 19. 

When I was a resident of Connecticut, I was unable to vote in primaries since I was an Independent and not either a registered Democrat or Republican.  I thought that was fair, as why should I, a non-supporter of either party be allowed to help pick the candidate to represent that party?  That was not the case in the first three open primaries held in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan and we saw the abuses begin. 

In Iowa, Independent voters flocked to the Democrat caucuses to vote for Senator Obama for no other reason than they wanted to stop Senator Clinton's predestined march to the Democratic nomination. To a lesser extent it was identical on the Republican side wherein Independent voters with an evangelical bent went for Governor Huckabee. New Hampshire was a little better, but still it was the Independent voter who made the difference in the winners -- Senator Clinton and Senator McCain.

It was the Michigan Primary that really was unique in bringing out the worst of the open primary system.  Because Senator Clinton had no real opposition in Michigan, the far left web sites like Daily Kos went all out to encourage Michigan's normally liberal Democrats to cross-over and vote for Republican Mitt Romney.  The strategy worked and Romney nosed out McCain in the final tally.

You ask, why would the far-left liberals do this?  According to Mr. Zuniga who runs the ultra liberal Daily Kos web site, a vote for Romney would be a vote to halt the momentum of McCain, after his New Hampshire win.  That would keep the Republican campaign in a state of flux with Republicans continuing to campaign against each other rather than husbanding their resources to oppose the Democrat selection in the November election. 

The consensus of the professionals was that if McCain had won Michigan his nomination as the Republican candidate for President would have been close to being sewed up.  Further, of all the Republican candidates, the ultra liberal left feared McCain the most.  As a war hero, experienced in foreign and domestic affairs, and known for his straight talk, he represented the greatest threat to any Democratic candidate.  Of course, the Republican party might still revert back to their past roots where principle outweighs electability, and select a clone of Barry Goldwater or Bob Dole. 

With Florida coming up and Super Tuesday on the horizon, who knows what effect crossover voting might affect in those states that permit it.  If, by the time February 19 rolls around for the Wisconsin primary, the selection process may be all but completed.  If not, our open primary may yet bring some interesting results with Wisconsin voters crossing over, not to support the candidate of their choice, but to disrupt the candidacy of a candidate they oppose.  In the final analysis this is a repugnant approach which abuses something as priceless as a vote.

The solution is obvious. The individual states should all agree that to vote in a primary for a national office, a person must be registered as a member of the party participating in the primary.  To allow crossover voting is to permit non-party members to affect the selection of a party's candidate.  To me, permitting a rump group to disrupt a legitimate political party's candidate selection process is not something our Founding Fathers would approve.  

ADOPTED! 100 lbs of Love: Meet Dakota.

UPDATE! Dakota was adopted Wednesday evening by a terrific woman from Grafton! 

Dakota is a 7-year-old Akita who couldn't be sweeter!  This gentle giant knows several commands, including "sit" and "shake."  He is a calm, patient dog who likes to spend time hanging out in the snow or cuddling with a pal.  At nearly 100 lbs, he would do best in a home without little kids he might accidentally knock over, but he'd likely enjoy the friendship of older children.  If your family is interested in giving this great guy a home, bring everyone down to meet Dakota at WHS.  If you have another dog, you can even do a dog intro here!  Click here to learn more.

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Super Beers and Ideas for the Super Bowl

Hopefully by now, the pain of the Packers' loss to that team from New York has begun to subside and you can get on to more important things -- such as deciding what beer you'll be drinking for Super Bowl XLII.

While ice-cold Miller Lite is important to have on hand while watching any sporting event, here are some additional ideas.

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ADOPTED! Playful pup looking for a pal.

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Should Ozaukee County Be In The Hockey Business?


I love living in Ozaukee County, and the Ozaukee County Board is one of the reasons we enjoy the quality of life we do here. Most of our county supervisors have business experience and understand that money does not grow on taxpayer trees. They are fiscal conservatives who donate a significant amount of their time for meager "salaries" and do not vote themselves lavish pension deals or other financial perks like some of our more quixotic neighboring counties have done. We may differ on whether there are too many of them or whether they should have inflicted a toilet tax on us, but they are all essentially volunteers, and they do a good job.

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