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ADOPTED Siamese Stunner

Baby is as sweet as can be. She will greet you with a smile and insist that she snuggle in your lap.

This 7.5-year-old Siamese cat will also gently nudge your hand to encourage you to pet her. In addition to her sparkling personality, Baby has beautiful cream and black fur. Her luminous blue eyes are stunning and they will sparkle even more when she gets adopted!

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ADOPTED! Happy-go-lucky Lab Needs Home

Ursula is like a giant puppy. Happy, energetic, curious and loving, this black Labrador Retriever will have you laughing several times a day.  She is 4 years young and wants to play and run all morning long, then flop on her doggie bed for a nap.  She's a riot to hang out with and performs silly antics.  A good teacher will have no trouble teaching Ursula new skills and manners; she'd love to enroll in a manners class where she could show off her skills, too!   

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Old Coast Guard Station Razed - A short History

 Coast Guard Station 1917


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Now that the price of gasoline is at the $4/gallon+ level, the pain is at the acute level for just about every driver. The question asked is how did it get to be this high? Lots of theories abound. One lady, in a letter to the editor of the Journal Sentinel, blamed it all on the compensation level of the top executives of the oil companies. Other theories proliferate which are equally ludicrous.

One real reason is the weakening dollar on the world market. The US dollar has been the standard set for selling and buying oil by the barrel, so when the oil sellers can only purchase say $80 worth of American goods instead of the past $100 of American goods, up goes the price of a barrel of oil to make up this shortfall – and up goes a gallon of gasoline. If and when the dollar strengthens as the American economy strengthens, the price of gasoline at the pump will reduce.

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ADOPTED! Don't let this Comet fly by!

Comet has one of those amazing personalities. He's a confident, up-front kind of guy who immediately comes up and introduces himself.  He seems to be oblivious that he's so handsome and unique-looking. His markings include blue patches of fur that create cool shapes on his back.  Comet's face looks like it's been painted!

Comet was previously declawed, so it's especially imperative that he always stays indoors where he'll be safe.  He seems to get along well with his roommate and would likely adjust fine to a home with another cat.  This photo, actually, was taken when Comet was concerned about a little kitten meowing next door (the kitty was a bit lonely because her sister had just been adopted, but she went home moments later, so no worries!). Still, Comet stood up on his hind legs to make sure she was okay!

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Memorial Day

With Memorial Day fast approaching,it's time to dust off your picnic baskets and coolers for the long weekend.  As with all holidays, beer can be a big part of the celebration whether it is pairing one with a favorite recepie or raising a pint with your buddies. 

Give this question some thought but e-mail me back with your list of your favorite beers(Limit to a top 10 list).  I will compile a readers list in a later blog.

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ADOPTED! Sweetheart Shepherd

Bongo never pounds on the drums or makes much noise, except for the occasional squeal of delight when you allow him to climb onto your lap for a intensive belly rub session!  It's surprising that this stunning Australian Shepherd mix is only 7 months old, because he has a rather mature disposition.  He's thoughtful, kind and always polite with strangers. He's curious but cautious in his explorations around our neighborhood and doesn't pull hard on the leash or jump up on strangers.  Bongo always delights in returning to his suite for a cuddling session afterwards, too!

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