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Lumen Christi 4th Graders Visit Madison

The 4th graders at Lumen Christi Catholic School completed their unit on the State of Wisconsin with a fabulous trip to Madison.   

During their trip, they toured the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.  A veteran provided them with first-hand accounts of his experiences in the armed forces.

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Lumen Christi Catholic School Participates in Project ACES

If you felt the ground shake slightly on May 5th, it was not an earthquake.  It was just millions of children all over the world exercising simultaneously.  With childhood obesity on the rise, and young children showing risk factors for heart disease, children are starting to fight back.  Lumen Christi Catholic School - Thiensville participated in this amazing event under the direction of their physical education teacher, Dana Berns.

Project ACES is an acronym for All Children Exercise Simultaneously.  Len Saunders, a physical education teacher from New Jersey, started it in 1989.  Len and HJ Saunders, of The Youth Fitness Coalition, now organize the event each year.  "Children need motivational and fun tools to enjoy exercise," explains Len Saunders.  ACES is just that . . . a fun way to exercise.  Children get excited to exercise because they know kids from all over the world are exercising along with them.  In fact, millions of children from all 50 states and over 50 countries joined in the excitement.

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A German Shepherd Who LOVES Frisbee

Meet Rocco. I had the fortunate opportunity to take him for a TV appearance this morning and he's so smart, I swear he good have driven the car.  Rocco is a 4-year-old German Shepherd mix with a penchant for frisbee and a diehard love of retrieving tennis balls.  He's a big guy, but very gentle when taking treats and interacting with strangers.  He's been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, so he's all set to go home soon! View all adoptable dogs at

Memorial Day Weekend Click It or Ticket Campaign Begins

Bayside, safety belts, seat belts, click it or ticket

Beginning May 24th and running through June 6th, Bayside Police Department will once again participate with many other law enforcement agencies throughout the state and the country in the "Click It or Ticket" program.  Our goal is to increase the use of safety belts.  Wisconsin's safety belt use is substantially lower at 74% than that of the national average of 84%.

The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that nearly 200 lives were saved in Wisconsin in 2008 by the use of safety belts.  Consistent safety belt use is the single most effective way to protect people from being ejected from a vehicle or being thrown around violently inside it during a crash. Economic losses from traffic fatalities and injuries in Wisconsin were nearly $2 billion in 2008.  Society picks up 75% of these costs in terms of higher insurance premiums, taxes, and other public funding. 

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Alice in Arizona's Wonderland

All the recent sturm und drang emanating from Arizona’s newly enacted immigration law to identify and deport, at least the bad apple illegal aliens, reminded me of Alice’s experience with the White Queen in Lewis Carroll’s "Through the Looking Glass. So far we’ve seen numerous public rallies complete with bottle throwing and confrontations with local law enforcement as well as Arizona boycotts, real and threatened by organizations, cities and states. Their point, as far as I can ascertain, is that maybe, just maybe, someone’s civil rights might be violated in the law’s implementation.

As the White Queen explained it to Alice, "That’s the effect of living backwards. For instance now, there’s the King’s Messenger. He’s in prison now, being punished: and the trial doesn’t even begin till next week: and, of course the crime comes last of all." To further her point, the Queen began screaming. "Oh,oh.oh!" shouted the Queen, shaking her hand......"My finger’s bleeding! Oh, oh oh, oh!" Alice inquired "Have you pricked your finger?" "I haven’t pricked it yet," the Queen said, "but I soon shall – oh,oh,oh!"

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Design Professionals and Inventors

Announcement: Inventors' Forum
Next Meeting: September 15, 2010 at 5:30PM
To be held at:
Marquette University High School
Room 127, Conference Center
3306 W. Michigan Street, Milwaukee

Topic: Launching and Protecting Your Product in a Global Marketplace
-Letters of Credit
-International Patent Protection
-Quality Control and Delivery
-Contract Enforcement Issues

For more information, please visit our website

Some of my clients are asking about adding the design professional to the patent application.  There seems to be some confusion about the law this area.  I am hearing this a lot.

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American Craft Beer Week


Next week it is American Craft Beer Week across the US.  It is a national celebration across the US with events at breweries.  It is a growing celebration of all that is craft beers here in the U.S.  On a national basis craft beers were up 7% in 2009 vs 2008.  The numbers were even higher here in Wisconsin.( Detailed numbers are being released next week)

The Brewers association classifies Craft brewers as those that produce  less than 2 million barrels annually.  Wisconsin boast over 70 breweries, brewpubs and microbreweries across the state.  What a great state to live in if you enjoy beer.  In fact if you are still finalizing summer vacation plans, look into a brewery trip for visiting a number of great breweries that each have their own distinct style.

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Contemporary Christian Music Debate


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Papoose the Purr-fect Cat

When you meet him at WHS, you'll instantly fall for Papoose, a 9.5-year-old red tabby who is huggable, snuggable, and lovable! He is a connoisseur of chin scratches and an expert on neck rubs. This affectionate, large kitty has a handsome red tabby coat that he likes to have brushed.

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