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First Full Week of Fall Sports for NS Prep Teams is Full of Hope

The fall season for North Shore area prep teams began with October-like temperatures but a summer-like sense of optimism and hope as most sports went into full swing.

Here are some selected highlights that we weren't able to fit into this week's edition of the North Shore NOW. Look for similar updates every week on this site.

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Trademarking Your Product

product, license, trademark, legal

Trademarking Your Product

We’ve talked a great deal about protecting your invention by applying for a patent; there are other ways to protect your ideas and products, as well.

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Adding Zest To Your Vegetables

Many of you may already know that I am passionate about promoting healthful eating. As a community service, I am offering at the Whitefish Bay Library three culinary presentations that are open to the public. Details are shown below. You can contact  the library for registration.


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Help for Inventors Who Want to Get Patents Issued More Quickly

 Next Meeting: September 17, 2009 at 5:45 p.m.
Downtown Milwaukee
Absolute Technology Law Group Offices
135 W. Wells, Suite #518
Milwaukee, WI 5320

(Click here for information)

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Tietz's Highs, Lows and In-Betweens--Aug. 31-Sept. 7

Trying to keep track of all the successful North Shore area fall high school teams is like hitting the jackpot in a slot machine.

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Bayside Village Picnic - That's Entertainment

bayside, Bayside, picnic, village of bayside picnic

Beginning at 12:00pm and ending at 5:00pm, on Saturday September 12th, the Village of Bayside will once again hold our village picnic.  Everyone is welcome to join in the annual festivities.  Ellsworth Park, located at 600 E. Ellsworth Lane in Bayside, will once again be the sight for a variety of activities.

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All Our Fitness Secrets Revealed

fitness, nutrition, weight-loss, lose weight, exercise, recipe, health, personal training, gym, lift weights, diet, metabolism, calories

Welcome to our Fitness Blog.  Thank you for taking the time to be part of it.  In this blog Holly and I promise to give you the insider's guide to sensible solutions for fitness and weight-loss.    

Below are frequently asked question that will help you understand who we are:

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Look what's new at Lumen Christi School this year!

The start of the new school year brought exciting additions to Lumen Christi Catholic School.  We welcomed 29 new families to our school community, including two fifth grade girls from Korea who are enrolled for the year while visiting family in the area. 

Our curriculum has been updated in two academic areas.  A new writing program, 6 + 1 Traits, is now being implemented in grades 5K-8th.  The consistent teaching approach across all grades will produce excellent writers!  Our math program adopted a new and more rigorous series that will better prepare our students for future math courses.  We know our students are up for the challenge!

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Lumen Christi Graduates

An important goal for the faculty of Lumen Christi Catholic School is to prepare our graduates for the rigors of high school and beyond.  One method of documenting our success is to contact local high schools and ask for data concerning our recent graduates.  Below you will find data concerning our 2008 graduating class during the freshman year at the following high schools:  Marquette University High School, Divine Savior Holy Angel, Dominican High School, and Homestead High School.

90% of 2008 Lumen Christi graduates received an A or B in required religion course (religion grades not reported from Homestead High School)

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President Obama’s speech to the nation’s schoolchildren on Tuesday created a firestorm. The speech was not seen by students in the Elmbrook School District, after parents threatened to pull their children out of school if it was shown. Wauwatosa students didn’t see the speech live, but Superintendent Phil Ertl allowed the district to tape the broadcast so teachers could determine if it’s something they want to show in class. Students of parents who didn’t want their children watching the speech were given alternate assignments. Many school districts in Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota also refused to show the president's address and many parents did not want their children politically indoctrinated.

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Lumen Christi Athletic Association Golf Outing

The weather is beautiful -- why not get out on the golf course!!  Join us for the Lumen Christi Athletic Association Golf Outing on Friday, September 18th at Mequon Country Club.  Registration begins at 12:00 noon, with a 1:00 pm shotgun start.  Male and female golfers of all abilities are invited to participate.  The cost is $150 per golfer, which includes a box lunch, golf, cart, beverages, player gift and light dinner.  All proceeds benefit the Lumen Christi Athletic Programs, which include boys and girls sports in 5th-8th grades.  To register, contact Steve Gresham at 238-5369 or  Hope to see you at this fun event!

Top 5 Foods Personal Trainers Snack on

calories, diet, exercise, fitness, gym, lift weights, lose weight, metabolism, nutrition, personal training, recipe, weight-loss

What do we, as health professionals, snack on?

Today when I came into Fitness Together I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed that every trainer was snacking on something.  It was about 9:30 and there was a break between training clients. 

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Snack to Lose Weight

calories, diet, exercise, fitness, gym, health, lose weight, metabolism, nutrition, weight-loss, eating, calories, burn calories

Yesterday at a networking event I heard the following:

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I must admit that the Obamacare health crisis that has been assaulting our senses since the Obama Administration took office in January 2009, caught me by surprise.  Did it sneak up unseen, since Hillarycare bombed in 1993?  Well no, it was debated during the 2008 Presidential campaign but never did the discussion reach crisis proportions until President Obama went on the stump using every outlet from personal appearances throughout the country to five television network appearances in one day. 
So what is the crisis?  Well it varies from the moral obligation to insure that everyone is covered by health insurance-- to rein in health costs so large and small businesses can retain their competitiveness in the global economy.  Now you would think that a crisis of this magnitude would find both American businesses and the American public clamoring for changes.  That doesn’t seem to be the case, with a recent poll finding that some 84% of Americans are satisfied with their health care – though rising costs are troubling.  Individual Americans are smart enough to recognize that any Federal health plan will control rising health costs by squeezing Medicare and Medicaid fees; rationing physician treatments; and restricting procedures available, based on age and patient condition.  The horror stories from the Canadian and British health systems under similar conditions, have given pause to most.
Another aspect of the so-called crisis, is the alleged 46 million souls without health insurance.  Lost somewhere in the translation is that lack of health insurance does not equate to lack of health care.  Federal law requires that hospital emergency rooms are required to offer medical care to anyone and everyone regardless of ability to pay  – and this includes illegal aliens.  Most of us have heard the story of a Florida hospital that spent more than $1 million treating an indigent illegal alien, finally paying for his flight back to his native country.  If we examine the alleged 46 million without health insurance, a different picture emerges. About 10 million of that number are either illegal aliens or non-citizen residents.  Some 25 million earn adequate income to purchase insurance but chose not to.  Only the 11 remaining million lack health insurance because they either can’t afford it or do not qualify for a government program.  As is true, any of those 11 million who need medical treatment can and do receive it at no cost from clinics and hospitals throughout the country. It’s the law! 
Why then is so much misinformation on the loose?  Letters to the Editor in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveal our own educated citizenries believe that illegal aliens are currently denied medical treatment at hospitals and clinics.   Further, some claim that the Bush Administration never did anything to improve the Medicare System -- conveniently forgetting that Medicare Part D - Prescription Coverage was added during their watch.
Where the Obama Administration lost most credibility is stating that completely redoing health care will be on a budget neutral basis.  The nearly $1 trillion cost of the proposed legislation over the ten years will be offset by savings in medical costs.  Does any sane person believe the Federal Government has ever run anything to an initial budget, no less extract savings to equal that budget expenditure?  In reality the proposed Obamacare health plan will add enormous inflationary debt to our already massive debt structure that is bound to affect our American standard of living.
Is there a better solution – sure, an incremental approach that improves the situation of the 11 million, without affecting the remaining of us 305 million?  Rather than an omnibus legislative bill, how about a series of separate bills addressing individual areas, that can be offered, debated, passed and implemented?  For one, how about permitting insurance companies to sell medical insurance policies across state lines?  Does it make any sense for a resident of one state to be paying twice as much for the same policy as a resident of the adjoining state?  For another, let’s make sure that persons with pre-existing conditions can acquire health insurance at an appropriate cost.  Lastly, let’s address medical tort reform.  Savings would be substantial in reducing specious medical suits and outlandish settlements without jeopardizing legitimate medical malpractice claims – all of which will reduce insurance premium costs for both individuals and physicians.  Several other areas are available for the same independent actions. 
Does that make a lot more sense than the all-encompassing approach now being put forward?  You bet – Americans will understand each increment and the increments can be implements in order of those that offer the greatest benefits.  And finally this approach can be carried out in a bipartisan manner with everybody a winner – especially all Americans!  

Less Sun May Make You Feel More Hungry

diet, eating, exercise, weight-loss, serotonin, appetite suppressant

Welcome to Fall in Wisconsin!  Yesterday’s weather was the perfect way to welcome in the fall season; gloomy, dreary, foggy and rainy all day. 

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Lumen Christi Catholic School -- Outstanding Alumni

Lumen Christi Catholic School would like to congratulate our alumni who have recently received recognition from Homestead High School.  The Distinguished Students from Homestead's Class of 2009 included two Lumen Christi alumni, Thomas Lawlor and Sarah Gradecki.  We are proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best in their future endeavors!

Homestead High School has recently announced that 17 seniors from its class of 2010 are semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship.  Three of those 17 students were members of the Lumen Christi Class of 2006.  We would like to congratulate Alexander Mattson, Jennifer Pavelec, and Kelly Stretz. on this outstanding achievement!

Memory and grace mark new class of Falls Hall of Fame Inductees

Menomonee Falls High School sports

Admittedly, school and Bob Kronenberg weren't always the most compatible mix.

But as a member of the most recent class of inductees into the Menomonee Falls Athletic Hall of Fame, he did remember many good things that happened during his time in high school: and they weren't all on the football field or on the track.

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Lakefront Marathon

The Lakefront Marathon will be on Sunday, October 4, 2009. The race will begin at the Grafton High School at 8:00 AM.

The Course:The Lakefront Marathon is a USAT&F Certified Course (WI-06092-JW) that starts in front of Grafton High School on Hwy. 60 (about one mile west of I-43). This flat and scenic point-to-point course travels south through rural countryside, quiet northshore neighborhoods and finishes along the shores of Lake Michigan north of the Milwaukee Art Museum at Veterans Park. The Lakefront Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifying course (and if you qualify at Lakefront you would be eligible to use that time for the next two runnings of the Boston Marathon). Check out the Course Map.

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How to Find Time to Workout

workout, exercise, , lose weight, health, weight-loss, personal training, calories

WARNING:  This blog is a little more “in your face” than normal.

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Craft Beer

Last week in Denver was the Great American Beer Festival.  It is held every September and brings over 450 brewers from all over the US to this 3 day festival.  Wisconsin was very well represented with MillerCoors, Lakefront, Capital, New Glarus,Dells Brewing Co.,Great Dane, Rock Bottom,Titletown and Water Street Brewery.    78 Different beer categories were judged and Gold, Silver and Bronze were awarded.  Beer selection ranged from the simple Pilsner to the obscure.  Wisconsin did bring home some awards: Miller, Capital,New Glarus,Rock Bottom,Titletown brewery.

The tone of the festival was obviously positive(how can it not be?  beer is involved), most brewers are seeing light at the end of the tunnel with the economy so re-investment will continue and the holidays will bring a lot of great beer choices.

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