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Dismembering The County Grounds


By Jim Price

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Christopher Columbus and Spices



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Bring your dog for a howlin' good time!

Do you have a handsome lobster outfit like the one modeled by Nimbus?  Dig out the doggie costumes and head to Halloween Howl!!!  It's the premier Halloween event for dogs and their humans, featuring a canine costume contest, tricks for treats, bobbing for hot dogs, a bone dig and more!  The little sheriffs and ballerinas are well worth the $20 registration fee, which goes right back to the animals at the shelter. There are two sessions this year on October 17, too! Sign up for 6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. or the later session from 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Dog must be well-socialized for this indoor event.  Register here!

Finding the Funds to Bring a New Invention to Market


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With the weather changing over to fall, there is no better time to enjoy the fall festivals than with beer.  October is a great month with a great selection of Octoberfest beers and other autumn beers.  This month you will also start to see the winter beers begin to appear.( Trust me I am in no rush for the snow and cold).  One great beer that you have to try for yourself is the Leinenkugel Fireside Nut Brown.  I had a chance to sample this beer before it's release and it is a great beer.  As you taste you will get hints of chocolate,caramel,maple and hazelnut.  This is one you have to sample for yourself and try and figure out what other flavors you pick up.  This beer will be a comfort when the weather turns cold.  Let me know your opinions of this new beer. 


ADOPTED Welcome Autumn with Pumpkin

Are you looking for someone to cuddle up with this autumn? This winter? For many years to come?


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Barack Obama Couldn't Pass a Background Investigation In His Own Administration

He doesn’t want you to know about them. He’ll never admit to a relationship with them or refer to them by name. He’s even tried to hide them from the American public. Yet, because of these associations, the 47 year-old former community organizer who wrote two memoirs but not one piece of legislation during his scant 143 days in the U.S. Senate would not be able to pass a routine background investigation to become a state trooper, FBI or DEA agent, join the military, or become a member of his own administration or cabinet. Something is wrong here. Ignoring for a moment the drug use and the many ties to radical socialism and even communism in his past, it’s Obama’s scary relationships with the most vile and unrepentant of terrorists, convicted criminals, political thugs, and corrupt and dishonest organizations that have me concerned.

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Lumen Christi Catholic School Elects Student Council Members

Lumen Christi Catholic School recently hosted elections for the 2008-2009 Student Council. The following students were chosen to represent their classmates. Congratulations!

Student Council 2008-2009

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If the pollsters prove accurate, on November 5 we will have President-elect Barack Obama. Since his entire campaign has been based on "Change We Can Believe In" which morphed into "Change We Need," we ought to recognize the changes we are in for in the next four years. Here’s his change list, in no particular order.

1. Higher taxes affecting everyone. Maybe not income tax on income less than $250,000 but unlimited FICA on all earned income; plus certainly on capital gains; dividends; and on both small and big businesses. Big businesses may be able to cope by raising prices for all of us, since big business doesn’t pay taxes, they collect them from customers. Small business, on the other hand, in a much more competitive environment, normally can’t add the added tax load to their pricing, and their already minimal profit margins may disappear along with their entire small business.

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Great Food & Wine Experience


Can you believe that right in our own backyard numerous wine and cheese experts, top chefs and food writers will converge this month for a great food and wine experience?

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Students Learn All About God's Good Apples


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Caravan of Costumed Canines

Come watch four-legged ghouls and goblins stroll down Wisconsin Avenue at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Halloween parade! On Friday, October 24 at 12:00 p.m., see little lobsters, princesses, rock stars and other dogs-in-disguise strut their stuff.   All the dogs in the parade will be walked by cats, so you don’t want to stray from this photo opportunity!  Plus, they are all available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  The public is invited to this free parade and treats for our little trick-or-treaters would be much appreciated! They love Lean Pupperoni or other soft, healthy dog treats.    WHAT:            Halloween Dog Parade  WHERE:         Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI    WHEN:            Friday, October 24, 2008 12:00 noon  

The WHS Halloween Parade is one of several fun events offered at the Wisconsin Humane this month.  October is Adopt-a-Dog Month and the Wisconsin and Ozaukee Humane Societies are hoping to place 500 dogs in new homes in just 31 days! Many of the dogs available for adoption are some of the last remaining that were rescued from Puppy Haven Kennels, the largest breeding facility in Wisconsin, when WHS closed the operation to find good homes for them.

Lumen Christi Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Lumen Christi Catholic School hosted Red Ribbon Week last week from October 20th – October 24th, 2008.

The theme this year was CELEBRATING LIFE WITH HEALTHY CHOICES! At Lumen Christi Catholic School, this is stressed year-round. Red Ribbon Week gives the school a chance to focus these efforts in a more public manner and as a member of our community.

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Kittens, kittens, everywhere!

Molly and her five baby kittens were among fourteen cats surrendered by a single family this week to the Wisconsin Humane Society. The 5-week-old black and white kittens are named Pumpkin, Elvira, Boo, Candy Corn and Casper. The kittens and their mother will go into foster care until they are old enough for adoption; the other adult cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before becoming available.

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