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These Questions Could Change Your Life

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Here's a little something to get you thinking about what's really important in your life.

What do the following questions all have in common?

    * How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
    * What is your cholesterol level?
    * Where's your blood pressure at?
    * Have you ever had heart problems?
    * Have you ever had problems breathing?
    * How happy do you feel?
    * How often do you feel anxious or stressed?

These questions have two things in common.

One, they are all questions I pulled directly from a life expectancy calculator.  You can take the online quiz by clicking on this link realage.htm.  It's one of the best I've seen, it's free and it will only take 4 minutes out of your day.  I'm going to warn you it WILL get you thinking about the areas of your life that could use a little improvement.

I took the quiz and scored fairly well despite the fact that the quiz gods took years off my life for reasons I consider to be ridiculous.  You can find my score and the ridiculous reasons I lost years of my life posted on our facebook page at  Please add your score to the posting.  We would love to know how long you plan on sticking around.

The second thing these questions all have in common is the following:

"EXERCISE WILL IMPROVE YOUR SCORE ON ALL OF THEM!"  I hope you can see me yelling that at you.

It's true, a regular exercise plan will improve your sleeping pattern, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your heart, your lungs, your emotional well-being, and your stress levels.  This, in turn, WILL lengthen your life.

So....What are you waiting for?  And don't say the holidays to be over....we're sick of hearing that.  To be frank, it's a ridiculous excuse.

Get out and move around.  If you would like to learn more about the most effective ways to be moving around check out our website at or give us a call at 262-241-3530.

To A Loooonnnnngggg and Healthy Life,

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

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Seasonal Flu Clinic Scheduled


It is not too late to get a flu shot for protection against the seasonal flu (not H1N1) which typically does not peak until January or later.  The North Shore Health Department  will get the last of its vaccine order sometime this week.  A clinic has been scheduled for the seasonal flu shot  for adults:

Wednesday, December 9

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Enjoy the TRUE meaning of Christmas at Lumen Christi School!

Come enjoy the true meaning of the Christmas season at Lumen Christi School's 1st grade Christmas pageant and the all-school Christmas concert.

On Wednesday, December 9th, the 1st graders will perform a Christmas pageant, "The Savior that God Sent."  It will be held at 9:30am at the Lumen Christi Thiensville Church, 116 N. Orchard Street.

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Governor Doyle Signs Puppy Mill Bill

Governor Doyle Signs Puppy Mill Bill

Thank you, Governor Doyle! Authored by Senator Pat Kreitlow and Representative Jeff Smith, Senate Bill 208 and Assembly Bill 250 was signed into law on December 1, 2009. The bill will establish a much-needed licensing and inspection program to end the suffering of thousands of dogs at the hands of unscrupulous dog breeders. This dog breeder bill will also level the playing field for reputable breeders who already practice humane care for their dogs. Pictured are Governor Jim Doyle with Wisconsin Humane Society representatives, Angela Speed, Tony Enea and Jodi Habush.

Family-friendly holiday event at WHS

Hope's Lights Celebration
Join us for this special celebration and lighting ceremony at the Wisconsin Humane Society at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, December 6. Come for behind-the-scenes tours, holiday treats, a special presentation by FOX 6's Nicole Koglin and live demonstrations. There will be many animals to meet, including WHS alumni and this year's Hope and Joy, two animals with remarkable stories.  Sign up today! 

Additional Seasonal and H1N1 Flu Clinics Scheduled

Flu, H1N1 Flu

Due to the bad weather expected for tomorrow, Dec. 8., the North Shore Health Department has scheduled a second clinic for SEASONAL flu (not H1N1):

Tuesday, December 15

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Rocco the Festive Rat

Rocco is a three-month-old Standard Rat. He has a soft white and black coat and long white whiskers. Rocco is a very companionable rat who is quite comfortable being held. He loves to explore fresh places and meet new people. His great personality makes him a favorite of the volunteers and staff at WHS!

Rocco’s diet consists of pellets, sometimes oats, fruits and vegetables (in moderation) and water. He also loves to chomp on Garden Wafers, his favorite treat!

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Lumen Christi School Donates Thanksgiving Baskets

The Lumen Christi Catholic School 1st Graders and the Service Committee of the Student Council organized a collection of items for Thanksgiving baskets. 

Notre Dame Middle School in Milwaukee had over 100 families who were in need of donated food in order to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  Lumen Christi was able to provide all the food and supplies for 33 of these needy families.

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First Graders Christmas Pageant -- "The Savior that God Sent"

The 1st graders at Lumen Christi Catholic School performed in their Christmas pageant, "The Savior that God Sent," on Wednesday, December 9th. 

Mary and Joseph brought the Baby Jesus to the stable and shared their story with the villagers, shepards, and animals.  An angel choir sang intermitently throughout the performance, as well as sharing the message, "This is the Savior that God sent," in sign language.

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Santa's Helpers-in-Training

This may get you in the holiday spirit! Two kids stopped by on Friday night to drop off money they had been saving for WHS animals... instead of buying holiday presents, they chose to donate their savings to help animals like Judd, a puppy they got to meet. Thanks so much opening your hearts to help animals!

The 10 Days of Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain - Day 1

avoid holiday weight gain, weight loss, diet, holiday diet, fitness, health, workout, nutrition, snacking, holiday office snacking

Happy Holidays!

How is the season treating you thus far?  Is your shopping done?  Are the stocking hung?  How about those greeting cards, did you get them out yet?

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Toboggan Slide Opens at Whitnall Park

If you want a snow/sledding experience you'll long remember or something that will give the kids a real thrill then don't miss the iced-track toboggan slide opening this Saturday, Dec. 19 at Whitnall Park, 6700 S. 92nd Street,  at noon until 8pm.  (Only $7 bucks an hour to rent a toboggan- a steal of a deal) I had the pleasure of trying it out in my youth (many moons ago) and I remember it vividly.  It was very fast  seated tight  to the ground on a toboggan with metal runners.  The ride is always fun with more people and it sent us on a 1/4 mile shoot down an iced raceway.  Dress warmly of course and watch out for a cake of snow on the moosh (slang for face).  I recommend to arrive early as possible. It will also be open Sunday, Dec. 20 from noon to 6pm.  For complete schedule go to  Hang on and scream! 

10 Days of Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain - Day 2

weight loss, holiday diet, , health, hiking, fitness, exercise, nutrition, lose weight, burn calories, calories

Yesterday I promised to reveal my favorite holiday trick to help get you through the next few weeks without gaining weight.

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          Ozaukee County is a magical place to live. It is a community whose residents understand, care about and practice things like civic responsibility, tough love, the gift of giving, the art of listening, patriotism, fairness, loving your neighbor, and the importance of free enterprise. It is a place where the privilege and responsibility of being a parent is taken seriously and worked at diligently; a place where many of our children still walk to school - yes, even when it’s cold. Family is priority.

Ozaukee County is a community whose roads are not more heavily traveled at midnight on Saturday evening than at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. It is perhaps one of the last bastions of our country where the commercial aspects of Christmas haven’t eclipsed the Reason for the Season. Residents wish each other a Merry Christmas – and nobody is offended. You notice these things if you move here from Wauwatosa or Shorewood, but that really hits you over the head if you move here from another state – or country. It is almost like going back in time, to another place, to another era where things seemed simpler and friendlier. It is America at its finest, and for many of us, it is why we live here.

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Burn 300 Calories in 20 Minutes with this Workout

calories, burn calories, avoid holiday weight gain, exercise, fitness, lose weight, personal training, weight loss, workout

Hello Sabrina,

Yesterday, while hanging out in the trainer's office, I got to chatting with Kyle (one of our trainers) about facebook and the silly things people post.

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Responsibility during the Holidays

Just wanted to put a reminder out there for everyone with the Holidays approaching to take a minute and review some items to remember when drinking or hosting parties.

1. Know you limits and be in control of your surroundings-Spacing drinks or alternating between non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, recognizing that it is not impolite to turn down a drink if it means staying within your personal limits.

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Inspiring Quadruplets!!

I read the following  inspiring story from the New York Times by Jacques Steinberg in the Education Section on December 18, 2009!

At a time when too many people are obsessed with what is wrong in the United States, this story about  the Connecticut quadruplets indicates what is possible in our country.  Read on.....

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50% Off Personal Training - 2 Days Only

Discount fitness, 50% off, personal training, holiday gift certificate, health, wellness, , fitness, gym, diet, new years resolution,

50% Off?  What?  Are you crazy?

We - ARE - feeling - a - little - crazy.

I think it's the madness of the holidays that has made Holly and I fall off our rockers.  I called her this morning and asked if we could sell holiday gift certificates at 50% off.

This is something we have never done, something we have never even dreamed of doing.  Giving gift certificates away at half off is something we have ALWAYS said NO to.

But, for some strange reason when I ran the idea past Holly this morning she said, "Yeah, let's do it.  It's the holidays, let's celebrate."

My initial thought was, "Could my business partner be dipping into the eggnog this early in the morning?"  Then I remembered this was my hair brain idea - so I kept my mouth shut.

So before we have a chance to change our minds I'm bombing this email out to you.

Celebrate the gift of health with us.

Give a week of personal training to someone that could use our help this season or give yourself a New Year's resolution jump start.   
Either way...

Between now and Christmas Eve at noon, you can purchase up to 6 personal training sessions at 50% off.  INSANITY....We know.

This offer is only available in Whitefish Bay and Mequon.  It WILL expire on Christmas Eve.  No exceptions!

Stop in one of our locations today to purchase your gift certificate.

Happy Holidays from your CRAZY Partners in Health and Fitness.

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

Fitness Together Whitefish Bay
615 E Silver Spring Dr
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
414-962-8889 Phone
Fitness Together Mequon
10974 N Port Washington Rd
Mequon, WI 53092
262-241-3530 Phone

Lumen Christi Kindergarten Hosts Breakfast with Santa for St. Rose School

Lumen Christi Catholic School kindergarteners hosted a Breakfast with Santa for the kindergarten classes at St. Rose Catholic School in Milwaukee on Friday, December 18th.

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Holiday Crime Prevention

Crime, Security, safety

While the arrival of the holidays brings many happy things, unfortunately it can also bring opportunistic thieves. There are several things to remember during the holiday season that can help reduce crime potential.

When shopping, do not leave valuable items in plain sight inside your vehicle. Instead, place recently purchased gifts and other valuables in your trunk or under a vehicle seat. Another easy measure to prevent theft is to lock your vehicle. If you find yourself at the mall, parking in a well lit or heavily traveled area will also discourage would-be thieves.

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