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Rosie the Personal Trainer Stars in Video

Check out this adorable video! (Featuring adoptables, of course.)

Three skilled animals intervene as a man struggles with his New Year's resolution...


"Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption or both."  – John F. Kennedy

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I read daily the "YOUR OPINIONS" section in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to try to keep my finger on the pulse of local residents. I’m struck how many are based on incorrect facts, which are either quoted or the truel facts omitted. Looking at some letters published this past week (01/02/2011) are illustrative. First, the Mayfair wilding of teenagers gets the attention of some writers, all of whom ignore the race of the majority of the participants. That’s not too surprising, since all the MJS’s news stories on the incident refused to identify the race of the majority as black. But then, neither did the Wauwatosa Police Report. Did you find it strange that a State Statute, effective January 1, 2011, requires police departments to fully document all traffic stops to include the race of a car’s occupants, but the Wauwatosa Police refused to do so in this wilding incident. To his credit, columnist Eugene Kane, made such identification immediately. Apparently the MJS and the Wauwatosa Police Department want to treat us all as juveniles, not mature enough to be able to handle all the facts. The Nanny State has arrived at your local newspaper and police station.

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Spay Day offers low-cost surgeries for cats

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) invites low-income cat guardians to have their cat spayed or neutered in celebration of Spay Day USA on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.  Spay Day USA is a national day of action to reduce animal overpopulation and thus, prevent animal suffering.

Guardians will be charged veterinary fees on a sliding scale ranging from only $10 and up, based on family income, size and other factors. Last year on Spay Day alone, WHS spayed 110 animals!  WHS veterinarians, volunteer veterinarians and WHS vet technicians all contribute to this impressive effort.  

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Valentina boutique closing in Mequon


A year after losing the business of a woman who may have been their biggest customer, the upscale Mequon boutique Valentina is closing.

Valentina was a favorite shopping destination for Sujata (Sue) Sachdeva, the former Koss Corp. executive who has been convicted of embezzling $34 million from the company. According to Sachdeva's testimony in a deposition, several million of those dollars were spent at Valentina.

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Lumen Christi Catholic School Open House and Registration

 Lumen Christi Catholic School will be hosting an Open House for all prospective families on Sunday, January 30th from 9:00am-1:00pm.  This event will be held at the Thiensville campus for 3K-3rd grade, 116 N. Orchard Street, and at the Mequon campus for 4th-8th grade, 11300 N. St. James Lane.  At this event, we will also begin accepting applications for registration for the 2011-2012 school year.

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Since the tragedy in Tucson on January 8, 2011, where nineteen people were shot, six of them fatally, political vitriol has filled the media with accusations that blame the political climate for the event. News reports claimed that the target was US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat, who was shot through the head at point-blank range. That was enough for the Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, to state that the political venom in play throughout the country was behind the attack on Giffords. The other eighteen shot including the six fatalities, were apparently just collateral damage. The Sheriff’s diatribe set off certain lefty-leaning talking heads who tied the Tea Party and especially Sarah Palin into the shooting because Giffords was on Palin’s targeted list to defeat in the November, 2010 election. To date, no one has produced any evidence that the shooter, Jared Loughner, held any position other than an apolitical one. Rather, he was a very disturbed young man driven by his own inner demons.

I’m inclined toward that latter view by examining past political assassinations. One fact stood out as I reviewed those occurrences. The assassination, or the attempt, was overwhelmingly carried out by a single individual who had a specific target. He (they were all male) focused directly on the target and never, never incurred collateral victims as did Loughner.

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Mequon Police Department - Citizens' Police Academy

Crime, Free, Police Academy, safety

Mequon Police Department – Citizens’ Police Academy

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New Year's Resolution for Better Health

Healthy Lifestyles, Prevention

Many people often use the start of the New Year as an impetus for change, or at least attempts at change. Resolutions are made to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, watch less TV, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, reduce stress, change jobs, etc. Sadly, too often these very good intentions fall by the wayside in a very short period of time.

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Puppies for Adoption Today!

Looking for a puppy?  The Wisconsin Humane Society has many adorable pups looking for new homes. Vanessa, an 8-week-old Shepherd mix, is just one of the cuties looking for a new home.

She will brighten your winter with her silly antics, keep you toasty warm, and will help you cheerlead during the big game this weekend.  Not only can your family bring home a new companion today, you can also enroll in a Puppy ABC class, held at WHS! 

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Germantown answers bell in second half

The Germantown boys basketball team found itself behind Homestead at halftime of a North Shore Conference battle Friday, but a second-half revival gave the Warhawks a 71-55 win at home and a 7-0 record through the first wave in league competition.

Josh Mongan scored 16 points and led four players in double figures. His 3-pointer early in the third quarter gave the Warhawks a 33-32 lead and jump-started a 10-0 run from which Homestead never recovered.

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Jessica, 11-week-old Border Collie mix puppy

Who could resist this sweetheart? If you are looking for a puppy to bring into your heart and home, look no further than the Wisconsin Humane Society.  Jessica is one of many puppies looking for new homes - check out the Dachshund mix puppies, too.  And, if you are interested in a mature companion, Ruger has it all. His contagious grin will light up your cloudiest winter days.

We're open from 10-9 Tues - Friday, 10-6 Sat, 11-5 Sunday.  Come see us at 45th & Wisconsin today! 

Bayside, Fox Point and River Hills to Hold Joint Citizens Police Academy

Citizens Police Academy, Bayside, Fox Point, River Hills, training

Beginning Wednesday April 27, 2011 and running each Wednesday evening (6:30-9:30pm), the Bayside, Fox Point and River Hills Police Departments will be holding a joint Citizens Police Academy.  The purpose of the academy is to provide information to our citizens and people who work here about the Police Department and police activities in general.  One Saturday morning class is scheduled as well.

Classes are held at one of the three departments each week and taught by several of our Law Enforcement professionals in areas including: traffic stops evidence collection, defense and arrest tactics and firearms training.  You will also ride along with an officer to get an even better understanding of the training received.

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Packer Fan $10 Discount!

$10 OFF for Packer Fans

Get $10 off any dog, cat, or rabbit adoption fee at the Wisconsin or Ozaukee Humane Societies if you are wearing any Packer attire, through February 6! Steelers gear will not cut it. And don’t miss WHS’s new YouTube sensation, Packer Backin’ Puppies at

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