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There is a political revolution underway in Wisconsin. Its residents have stormed the Capitol in Madison and are in the process of taking back their state from liberal politicians, greedy unions, and a morbidly obese government bureaucracy.  

With the election of Governor Scott Walker, the retaking of the Wisconsin Senate, and an overwhelming majority in the Assembly, our state is poised to slash spending and undertake the heavy lifting of eliminating the state's projected budget deficit of nearly $3.3 billion over the next two years. It will take both courage and common sense to eradicate the $1.5 billion gap which the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) reports will exist between state revenue and state spending through June 30, 2013. The usual suspects will be implementing their slash and burn "new tone" in an effort to demonize the majority of spending cuts which are not just good fiscal policy – but have become absolutely necessary for the economic viability of our state.

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Shih Tzu puppy needs a valentine.

Super Bowl beers and the Blizzard of 2011

Beer, Guinness, Sierra Nevada, Bell's

As everyone continues to get themselves unburied from the snow, a couple of questions for everyone.  What food and beer pairings is everyone putting together for their parties?

There are some great spring beer choices that I will get to in my next post but I am looking for various food and beer pairings for the big game.  I know chilli will be served at halftime as one of the foods so I am pairing that with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Other beers that will be available will be the limited release from Bell's-Hopslam, Surly Coffee Bender from Minnesota(not available locally), and some Guinness.

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Plott Hound Puppy Ready for spot on Packer Game Couch!

Lilo is one of several Plott Hound puppies available for adoption today!  He is a 3-month-old boy with a brown and black brindle coat and the sweetest chocolate brown eyes. This smart, polite and affectionate dog would do great in a training or agility class, plus it's a positive bonding experience, too!  Meet Lilo at the Wiconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, or see his profile here:

Talking up natural landscapes, fish and wildlife habitat

"Tracing water trails ... water, habitat, people and culture" is the theme of Milwaukee Audubon Society's 31st annual natural landscapes conference Saturday, Feb. 12 at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon.

Among the scheduled speakers are: Kathleen Schmitt Kline, author of the book, "People of the Sturgeon - Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish"; Will Wawrzyn, fisheries biologist with the state Department of Natural Resources; Noel Cutright, founder, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory; Yoyi Steele, Important Bird Area coordinator, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and DNR; and Robert Jeske, archaeologist with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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February is American Heart Month

Heart Health, Healthy Lifestyles, Prevention

Do something for yourself during American Heart Month to help avoid becoming a heart disease statistic. About every 25 seconds, someone in America will have a coronary event – don’t let it be you.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and a major cause of disability in the U.S. You can reduce your chance of developing heart disease by taking steps to control risk factors. For starters, everyone should know their cholesterol and blood pressure numbers but many do not. Other risk factors that can be modified are obesity, diabetes, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and secondhand smoke. 

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Adoption Discount Ends Sunday Night!

Even our companion animals get lonely sometimes, so in honor of Valentine's Day, 
the Wisconsin Humane Society is offering $25 off of cat and dog adoption fees for former adopters seeking a furry companion for their furry companion.
This offer is for people whose animal was adopted from any rescue group or animal shelter, through Sunday, February 13.

Meet some of our current bachelors and bachelorettes
seeking a lifelong companion!

Lumen Christi places 1st at Dominican Academic Challenge

 Each year Lumen Christi Catholic School selects 7th and 8th grade students as representatives to the Dominican Academic Challenge.  This is an academic competition in eight subject areas that is hosted by Dominican High School for area Catholic grade schools.  

Lumen Christi placed 1st out of 16 schools in the recent competition.  Congratulations!

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Valentine's Idea for an Animal Lover

Teddy is an adorable puppy who was recently treated in the Veterinary Clinic at the Wisconsin Humane Society. You can sponsor Teddy and his friends in ICU and send an e-card to let someone special know. All donations are tax-deductible, and this makes for a very unique gift. Sponsor Teddy! 

Boxer, Spaniel, Schnauzer Puppies..

Tuesday: There are a LOT of puppies available for adoption today. It's a great time to adopt, as the temperatures are getting warmer and spring is just around the corner. Meet our adoptable dogs and puppies.

WHS Announces ROLLBACKS in dog and puppy fees.

Wisconsin Humane Society Rolls Back Dog and Puppy Adoption Fees

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These are certainly interesting times.  While hundreds of thousands of people are putting their lives on the line to promote democratic processes in their lands of Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and Iran, forty-some thousand of Americans gathered in Madison to subvert the democratic process. What a contrast for the world to see!

Returning to the presidential election of 2008, Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party won decisively, not only carrying the presidency but garnering large majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives.  “Hope and Change” was their motto and President Obama together with Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate passed a whirlwind of legislation that more than met the “Change” definition, but certainly attenuated “Hope.”  You may remember Mr. Obama’s response to Republicans at a negotiating session, to wit: “We won.”  Democrats passed a bevy of legislation that increased the deficit and soared the national debt to dangerous territory, while the Republicans in the Congress were muted.

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Wisconsin has had enough. There is a political revolution underway. Last November, voters stormed the Capitol in Madison with their votes and are now in the process of fighting back and reclaiming their state from liberal politicians, greedy public employee unions, and a morbidly obese state government whose fuzzy math and entitlement largesse have saddled the state with a $3.3 billion deficit.

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Mookwah, 6-month-old kitten and TV Star

Mookwah, a 6-month-old kitten, appeared on FOX 6 this morning and you can catch the video here. This brave, adventurous yet affectionate little girl is ready for her new home!  See her full profile at

Like us on Facebook and you won't miss videos like Mookwah's. Join a growing community of Milwaukee-area animal lovers!  

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