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Reading about Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s role in the case of Ricci vs DeStanfano brought back memories of my experience in the same arena in 1993. As you probably know, the current brouhaha involves the rights of the City of New Haven, Connecticut firefighters who took a civil service exam for promotion to lieutenant and captain. The City retained an outside consultant to design the exam to ensure it was job related and not racially biased. Of the some 118 firefighters who took the exam, 59 earned passing grades, however due to the limited vacancies only the 19 top scorers were eligible for promotion. This group consisted of 17 whites and two Hispanics, but none of the 9 black firefighters with passing scores.

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Milwaukee Brewers and Funjet Team Up With Bayside Police

Bayside, Bayside

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Miller Lite Ride for the Arts Route Information

miller lite, route, ride for the arts

On Sunday June 7, 2009 the 29th Annual Miller Lite Ride for the Arts will once again make tracks through several suburban communities after beginning the ride at The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.  Approximately 2,500 of the riders will make their way through Mequon, Bayside, Fox Point as well as other North Shore communities, as they embark on the 50 and 75 mile routes. The United Performing Arts Fund expects almost 7,000 riders total on routes ranging from 5 miles to 75 miles.  Specific route information is available at

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Beer Choices for Summer

With the un-official beginning of summer being marked with the Memorial Day weekend, we can look forward to the warm days.  Of course with the weather we are having it is hard to tell if it is summer or fall.  Anyway here are some interesting choices for summer beers if you are looking to be summer like:

1. Leinenkugel Summer Shandy- A perfect summer beer

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Locking doors is still the best bet against burglaries

Security, Fox Point, Bayside, Crime

Not so long ago, people did not feel the need to lock their doors or windows. But times have changed, and so has the need to use locks for protection.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, most individuals do not have the proper lock security. Only half of Americans have dead-bolt locks on all the entry doors to their homes and nearly one in five have none at all.

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Barkley, the fluffy wonder

Barkley is a handsome pup who is always eager to snuggle. He has a fluffy honey-colored coat that he loves to have petted and brushed. Barkley is an eleven-month-old Chow Chow mix who is looking for a home where he can be an only "child." 

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Bring your dog to Northpoint!

Bring Buddy for Some Fun at Northpoint!

Custard, shakes, sandwiches, fries, and even Frosty Paws for your pooch! Looking for a fun excursion with your dog? Join WHS at Bartolotta's Northpoint Snack Bar at Bradford Beach, 2400 Lincoln Memorial Drive, on Thursday, June 18 from 5:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. Bring your well-socialized dogs for some fun on the beach and help raise funds for shelter animals. Bartolotta's Northpoint Snack Bar will be donating proceeds from food sales to WHS. They offer an incredible range of items, from portobella sandwiches and grilled tuna to shakes and fries, so you can get dinner for your human family, too!

Lumen Christi Catholic School Boy Scouts Earn Prestigious Award

Lumen Christi's Pack 3815 has earned the prestigious National Catholic Quality Unit Award.

To qualify, the Pack had to be a Boy Scout Centennial Quality Unit, have trained adult volunteers, have a high percentage of Scouts that either had earned or were working toward a religious emblem and show an increase in overall membership.

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Summer Activites and Patrols

With summer upon us, the Mequon Police Department anticipates a busy season of recreational trail, nature preserve, and waterway use.  To help ensure safety and enjoyment for all, the Mequon Police Department staffs both Boat and Bicycle Patrol Units. While the Boat Patrol Unit operates solely on the Milwaukee River, the Bicycle Patrol Unit can be found in various nature preserves, city parks, and on the Interurban Trail. Both of these units are employed to enhance safety, promote community-police interaction, and assist outdoor enthusiasts in any way necessary. Boaters, trail users, and park goers should all anticipate seeing Mequon police officers performing a wide array of duties in different recreational arenas.

While enjoying the variety of adventures that Mequon has to offer, please remember the following safety tips:

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WIAA State Track Schedule Needs a Major Reworking

It wasn't so much the rain and the dramatically cooler temperatures that made the second day of the WIAA State Track Meet in La Crosse on June 6 a near fiasco.

But they didn't help.

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Trip of a Lifetime

I left for China on June 13 with a group of 12 people from Concordia University Wisconsin.

There are several purposes for this trip. One is to provide education opportunities for six current Concordia MBA students. They will get a first-hand look at the Chinese economy and how business works in the country.

Another is to look for ways to increase ties between Concordia and universities in China, including Concordia’s sister school - Xinjiang University. My role on the trip will be to document the entire experience and look for media opportunities once I return to Milwaukee (I guess this blog is a good start).

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Our Adventure Begins in Beijing


It’s Sunday morning, 6/21 and I’ve been in China now for nearly a week. I’ve done so much and have seen such much this far, it’s overwhelming. There are so many things to talk about and so many stories to share with friends and family, I can’t wait. I’m at Xianjing University right now with the group from Concordia University Wisconsin. We are in Xianjing Province, the northwestern most part of China. It’s near the Russian and Mongolian borders.

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The Sights of Beijing


            We spend approximately two and half days in Beijing, which is not a lot of time to see the huge city and country’s capital. One of the purposes for the visit to Beijing is to get over our jetlag and get used to the 13 hour time difference between Milwaukee and China. Another was for the Vice President of Academic Operations at Concordia University Wisconsin, Dr. Michael Besch and Christine Kao (see previous blogs for her job description) to see the MBA program at Beijing University up close. While Beijing University does not have a sister school relationship with Concordia, the university does offer some of Concordia’s MBA courses.   

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Day Trip to Little India

As a part of my culinary mission to educate people about healthful eating, periodically I conduct a day trip to "Little India" in Chicago(an area of several blocks on Devon Avenue.)  Many, but not all , who go with me are my culinary students and their friends. This trip is open to anyone who is interested. I arrange for a limousine to take a group of about ten people on the trip. Parking in this area is extremely difficult. Travelling by the limousine not only solves the parking problem, but also provides an opportunity for those who make the trip to get acquainted with each other. And more importantly, it gives me an opportunity to discuss Indian culture, food and customs during the comfortable  and elegant ride.

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Arriving at Xinjiang University


          The trip to The Great Wall on Tuesday 6/16 was spectacular. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Sure, I’d seen pictures and heard stories about it, but not until seeing it up close did I get a full sense of its magnificence. We only had about 2 hours to spend at the wall, which meant our time was limited. We decided to climb up instead of down to begin, figuring it would be easier on the return trip. Sections of it were very steep and the steps were uneven in places. As we began the climb some people in our group only made it part of the way up. I continued to climb with some others and then it began to rain. We ducked into a small gift shop along the way and waited for it to let up. We eventually made it back to the parking lot to meet our bus. While we were waiting to leave someone in our group found out they were changing the flags on the poles that morning. Apparently they didn’t care if we took the old flags as long as we fished them out of the garbage. I was giving a flag by one of the people in my group. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s a nice keepsake.

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Road Construction

River Hills

For those of you driving through River Hills, and many other areas, it's evident that construction season is upon us again.  This year major construction is happening throughout the summer on W. Brown Deer Rd., as well as W. Good Hope Rd. starting in July.  With the construction comes delays to motorists.  So plan accordingly and take another route if possible.  Here are some tips to remember during road construction season:  PO Chris Malek of the River Hills Police Department provides these following tips:

        Slow Down
when approaching all work zones. You will be in the work zone quicker than you think. 
        Follow Posted Speed Limits, especially within construction zones, and try to maintain a consistent speed with the traffic flow. And adjust your speed for weather conditions.
        Don't Resume Normal Speed until you see roadway signs indicating it's safe to do so.
        Remember that fines can be doubled for violations committed in construction areas.

        Leave Room. Leave adequate braking room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Count out at least two seconds from the time the car ahead of you passes an object and the time your own car passes that object.  Also, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment and workers.
        Don't Pass on the Shoulder. Don't drive across the median. This creates a very dangerous situation for you, construction workers and other motorists -- not to mention the  steep fine.
        Leave Yourself an Out. When stopped in traffic, leave a safety zone between you and the vehicle in front of you. A good rule of thumb is that when stopped in traffic you should be able to see the bottom of the tires of the vehicle in front of you.
        Watch Out for Tailgaters. Do not force tailgaters to back off by slamming on your brakes or reducing your speed significantly. This practice can lead to road rage and increases the chances of a collision.    When possible, pull over and let them pass. If this is not possible, turn your headlights on and off several times during daylight hours to illuminate your tail lights and warn tailgaters they are too close. If at night, lightly tap your brake pedal to illuminate your brake lights.

        Keep Your Cool.
Calm down and don't rush. Remember, the temporary inconvenience of a construction zone will pay off with greatly improved roads soon.
        Pay Attention. Avoid cell phone or radio distractions, as well as those of other stopped cars or construction.
        Expect Delays. Leave a bit earlier, if necessary, to arrive at your destination on time. Consider using an alternate route that bypasses the construction zones.

Exploring Xinjiang


            We booked some sightseeing trips with a tour company so we’d be able to get out and see Xinjiang while staying at the university. Our first trip was Sunday (6/21) in which we took a day long trip to a region called Turpan. It’s in the desert, a few hours south of Urumqi. As part of trip we traveled along the silk road and visited ancient ruins in the city of Jiao. The desert was hot. It was well over 100 degrees. At one of our stops several people decided to take short camel rides across the sand. It was quite an impressive sight and made we realize what a remote area of China we were truly in.

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Returning to the United States

            We are leaving shortly for the Urumqi airport to return to the United States it’s going to be a long day. We will be travelling for more than 24 hours through four airports, five if you count Milwaukee.

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Playful puppies looking for new homes...

A walk through Dogtown at the Wisconsin Humane Society will make many hearts swoon! We currently have several puppies looking to become new furry family members. Meet Tommy, above, an 11-week-old Australian Shepherd mix, or Rufus, below, a 16-week-old Siberian Husky/Lab mix who is full of playful energy!  Check out all the available dogs, including fantastic adults who already know the ropes at All dogs are microchipped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and go home with 30 days of pet health insurance and a certificate for a free veterinary exam. 



I note that the Interurban Trail Bicycle Bridge over I-43 in the Town of Grafton is right on schedule to open in early September.  That's good news for trail cyclists as well as hikers.  Too bad that Ozaukee County property taxpayers can't enjoy the event as they would have, if the 2003 proposal had been implemented as promised.   

As a County Supervisor in 2003, I and the rest of the County Board, heard the initial proposal from county officials in which they promised faithfully that the cost of the bridge would be fully covered by grants from the federal and state especially available for that purpose, plus private donations.   Needless to say, that cost concept resulted in a rousing affirmative from the County Board -- and the program got underway.

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