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Halloween Hangover

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On Saturday October 31st (Halloween) I was running in the woods and thinking "I'm so lucky to live in the middle of nowhere.  Lucky because I'm able to avoid bringing all the trick or treat candy into my house.  Lucky because I get to avoid the Halloween candy hangover."  

Going into Halloween weekend I was pretty confident that I wouldn't have a single trick or treater coming to my door.  So I took my chances and didn't buy any candy.  My gambling paid off....not a single one showed up.   

If you're like most people you didn't get to avoid the Halloween candy craze like I did.  You've probably had mini candy bars in your house for the last week, and I'm willing to bet that the bags of mini candy bars were mysteriously opened and put into the trick or treat bowl way before Saturday.  I'm also willing to bet that, by the time the trick or treaters showed up at your doorstep there were a few missing candy bars from the bowl.

STOP sneaking candy!  Halloween is over!  

Get rid of the candy bowl.  Take the left overs to work, give it to the neighbor, feed it to the dog (ok don't do that, you'll kill the dog).  Ever wonder why you don't feed your dog candy?  It's because it's not good for them.  If you wouldn't feed it to your dog you probably shouldn't feed it to yourself either!

I'll make a deal with you.  You can stop feeling guilty about all the garbage you've eaten over the weekend if you promise to stop eating the candy right now.  That's more guilty feelings.  It's over and done with.  The past is the past.  All your guilty feeling have vanished......if you promise me you won't take another piece out of your left over candy bowl or your kids Halloween candy bucket.

Not a bad deal, right?  Take me up on my offer.  

Have a great day.

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Your Partner in Health and Fitness,

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We have all heard the old adage "You Can’t Fight City Hall." It wasn’t an adage for me recently. It was an actual experience. Not only couldn’t I fight city hall, I wasn’t even allowed in the ring. It all started with the new 2009 property assessments. Mequon property owners are now sadly aware that all property has been reassessed in value as of January 1, 2009. Average assessments were increased about 18%, not withstanding the collapse of the real estate market which accompanied the economic downturn.

Being the owner of a town house in the Concord Place Condominium I undertook an evaluation and comparison of all 109 of our town houses. WOW - did I find assessment mistakes of every kind in both Land and Building assessments, which I called to the attention of the assessor at the Open Book session and subsequently in two separate meetings. If his initial work is any indication of the accuracy of his assessments elsewhere on Mequon residential property - property owners are in big trouble.

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H1N1 Clinic Scheduled for Children 6 Months Through Age 2

H1N1 Flu

The North Shore Health Department has received a shipment of vaccine for children under age 3 and has scheduled an H1N1 flu clinic for children age 6 months through age 2 (under 36 months).  The clinic will be held at the Brown Deer Village Hall on Monday, November 9, from 2:00-5:00 PM. 

Baby doses of the H1N1 injectable vaccine are available for children 6 months--2 years or children age 2-3 who have a medical condition making them ineligible for the nasal mist and more vulnerable to severe illness.  All H1N1 clinics are scheduled based on vaccine availability and guidelines established by the CDC and the State of Wisconsin.  For this reason, others outside of this age group will not be able to be vaccinated at this particular clinic.  In addition, no other vaccines will be available at this clinic and H1N1 will be available as long as supplies last.

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Pair of dogs will warm your heart!

Zena and Cassie are best buds. From napping and lounging to playing and eating, these two dogs do everything together. Zena and Cassie are both nine years old. Zena is a Silky Terrier, and Cassie is a Miniature Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix.

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

Marquette Fashion Show
Saturday, November 14:  
Tickets for the show are $8 and will be sold in the Alumni Memorial Union at Marquette November 9 - November 13 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Tickets for the show on Saturday, November 14 are $8 and will be sold in the Alumni Memorial Union at Marquette November 9 - November 13 from 9am-5pm. Get them before the show sells out!  ALL proceeds go to the Wisconsin Humane Society! Follow them on twitter (name: bsofashionshow). 

Pizzeria Piccola
November 15: Wow! On October 13, we had a great crowd of people at Pizzeria Piccola, dining to raise funds for WHS. The food was fabulous, the patrons wonderful, and the best part is that we get to do it again!!! Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and join us at Pizzeria Piccola. Can’t make it? Order frozen pizzas to pickup that night by obtaining the order form at and emailing it to by Monday, November 9

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3 Reasons To Enjoy This Weekend

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60 degrees and sunny tomorrow!  I hope you're planning on getting outside.

I'm really excited about this weekend.  I'm so excited I can barely stand myself.  I skipped my cup of green tea (you should really think about switching from coffee to green tea...more on that in another email) this morning because I was afraid the caffeine might put me over the edge.  I have enough natural excitement this morning, I don't need to add any more to it.

So why am I so excited that I actually skipped my caffeine?

1.  8 Hour Adventure in the Wilderness

Team Fitness Together will compete in their first Adventure Race this Saturday

It's an 8 hour race at Lapham peak.  If you're looking for something to do on Saturday come out to Lapham Peak in Delafield.  You can hike, you can bike, and you can be totally entertained watching me and Holly run around in circles (yes - we're navigationally challenged) trying to find check points in the woods.  Click here for details on

If you're interested in watching any of the race reply to this email and I can give you details on the best places to enjoy the entertainment.  You can click here for details on the race

2.  Outdoor Gear on Sale and Raffle Drawings

Erehwon's Grand Opening Sale starts today

I love a good raffle as well as a good sale.  I just got off the phone with the manager over at Erehwon in the Bayshore mall and their 10 day grand opening celebration starts today.  He told me they have amazing deals going on as well as multiple raffle drawings.

Erehwon is one of my favorite outdoor gear stores and I'm thrilled that they have a store so close to us.

3.  Did I mention it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow?

Enjoy the fresh air.  Get some cardio in.  Come and visit us at Lapham Peak.  They are still looking for a few volunteers - if you're interested let me know.

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

Fitness Together  - Mequon and Whitefish Bay

Bayside Raising Funds for Camera System

raffle, camera, cameras, Bayside

Over the last several months, the Village of Bayside Police Department has attempted to raise money in order to install cameras at the intersection of W. Brown Deer Road and N. Port Washington Road.  This intersection is the most heavily travelled in the Bayside/Fox Point area.  Over the past year police have responded to more than 1300 calls for service in a two block radius of the intersection.  The calls range from a fatal car accident, armed robberies, thefts and suspicious activity to vandalism and worthless check complaints. When patrol cars are near the intersection, our apprehension rate for crime related calls approaches 100%! 

The two cameras would be installed on a pole at the intersection and be controlled by our dispatch center.  Having cameras at the intersection would allow the Police Dispatchers to quickly identify the perpetrators and their direction and mode of travel.  We would be able to monitor the intersection in "real time",  24 hours per day and provide information to officers responding to calls in the area.   

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Ten Tips for Independent Inventors

independent inventor, lawyer, patent, manufactoing, license, legal, law, attorney, product

Ten Tips for Independent Inventors

  1. A patent is just a piece of paper: View a patent as a tool to protect something that is marketable and therefore potentially valuable, not a piece of paper that's going to make you rich
  2. Protect what is valuable: If you know you are going to file for a patent protection, do so sooner rather than later to protect your rights.
  3. Use provisional patents in early stages of development: Use provisional patent applications before you have tested the markets and fully developed your invention.
  4. Make sure your patent application covers your product: If you begin marketing your invention and later make changes that will add value in the marketplace, amend your pending application or file additional patents to protect those innovations.
  5. Do your preliminary research: Use Google Patents to perform your own search, keeping in mind that you will need an attorney to search recent applications and foreign patent refrences.
  6. Know your resources: Visit the USPTO website at and become familiar with the free resources that are available for individual inventors.
  7. Read your patent application before your attorney files it: You, as the inventor, should fully understand every word in the claims and be able to assist your attorney in identifying possible additional embodiments of your invention that should be covered in your claims.
  8. Make sure all contributing inventors are named: If anyone has contributed to the development of your invention, he or she must be named as a coinventer. Ask your attorney about having any coinventors assign their rights to you before filing the patent application
  9. Stay involved in the patent prosecution: In the event of an "office action" with a USPTO examiner, you have the opportunity to talk in person with the examiner to help secure the allowable claims.
  10. Understand the ongoing obligations of patent ownership: Ask your lawyer for a checklist of things you need to do after your patent issues, such as paying maintenance fees to the USPTO at 3 and 1/2, 7 and 1/2, and 11 and 1/2 years. Abandoned patents open the door to hungry competitors.

H1N1 Clinic Scheduled

H1N1 Flu

The North Shore Health Department has scheduled an H1N1 clinic for populations in the higher risk groups for severe disease as determined by the CDC and the State of Wisconsin.  This clinic is in collaboration with the Shorewood/Whitefish Bay Health Department.

The target groups for vaccination are based on vaccine availability and those most at risk.  As the vaccine supply increases, it is likely that the target groups will be expanded.  Please check frequently for updates as changes will be posted as they occur.

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Lumen Christi Graduate Earns National Merit Semifinalist Honors

Lumen Christi Catholic School is proud to congratulate Elizabeth Linnemanstons, Class of 2006, for being named a National Merit Semifinalist for 2010.

Elizabeth is currently a senior at Divine Savior Holy Angels.  She was among the over 1.5 million students from 22,000 high schools who were entered in the competition. 

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Achievement Award in Writing

Congratulations to Caitlin Bobber, Lumen Christi Catholic School Class of 2006, for recently being named an outstanding writer by the National Council of Teachers of English. 

A total of 1,783 juniors in the nation were nominated last year by their teachers, and 544 of these students have been named the best student writers in the nation.

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Lumen Christi 3rd Graders Remember Soldiers

The Lumen Christi Catholic School 3rd grade classes participated in a service project on Veterans Day to honor our soldiers.

Each 3rd grader wrote a letter to a soldier who will soon be going overseas.  These letters will be included with quilts that are given to service men and women before they go abroad. 

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Last month, over 1000 people stood in the rain for hours at Cedarburg High School, waiting for the H1N1, or swine flu, vaccine. The long, slow-moving line was reminiscent of scenes from the 1973 Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green and was thebeginning of what is expected to be the largest mass vaccination in decades. Alongside the huddled masses walked Cedarburg resident Mike O’Keefe holding a large plywood sign which read, “Welcome To Government Health Care.” Clearly, Mike O’Keefe gets it. He realizes that a national health care overhaul will lead to more long lines like those at Cedarburg High School.

In July the federal government said they’d have 120 million doses of the vaccine by October, but only 27 million doses were available. If a private company ran a vaccination operation this poorly – whether underestimating the number of flu shots needed, an inability to deliver the appropriate number of vaccines, or simply requiring people to stand in the rain for three hours – the person responsible would be fired. As of Tuesday, only 407,000 doses of the vaccine had been allocated for Wisconsin, a state of 5.6 million people, according to state health officials. If government-run health care ever slips through the cracks, this sort of debacle will become commonplace and even more tragic. Waiting hours for a vaccine is one thing – waiting months for life-saving treatment is quite another.

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How to Cut Calories When Dining Out

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This past weekend I took a quick trip to Chicago to visit my long lost sister.  We ended up in Downtown Chicago at Shaw's Crab House (great seafood restaurant, I highly recommend it).

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More Tips to Low Calorie Dining Out

dining out, cut calories, less calories, eating, lose weight, nutrition

We’ve had a lot of clients asking us for more of our tips on dining out.  So without further adieu, I give you our list of tips for dining out.

  • Plan ahead (choose a healthy restaurant, look at the menu online and choose your meal in advance).
  • If you keep an accountability journal (I highly recommend you do) write your meal down before you go out.
  • Send the bread basket or the chips and salsa away (out of site out of mind).
  • Steer Clear of the following menu items (battered, braised, crispy, gravy, sauteed, fried, au gratin, and breaded).
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you are seated (it fills you up and keeps your hands busy).
  • Limit your alcohol intake (I know it’s a tough one for most – but do try).
  • Eat slowly (put your fork down between bites).  Focus on enjoying the company your with.
  • Watch the portion size (order lunch portion or split your meal).

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Don't Be a Victim of the Turkey

Thanksgiving eating, Thanksgiving dinner, , eating, diet, cut calories, less calories, nutrition, weight-loss, workout

Only 2 days left.

What are you going to eat?  And how much of it will you be shoveling in?  Do you have a workout scheduled?  How long is it?  And when are you going to squeeze that in?

What's your plan man?

If you don't have a one, I'm afraid you might be setting yourself up for overeating and being lazy this holiday weekend!

I'll share my Thanksgiving Day plan to give you some ideas.

6am...wake up (at mom's house), drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit (not a homemade sweet roll that is sure to be sitting on the counter calling my name) and have a cup of green tea

7am...get my rear end outside for at least 45 minutes of cardio.  Probably an interval run because it will burn a ton of calories.

Drink water

9:00...breakfast.  I'm at mom's so we'll probably have eggs.  I'll eat 2 eggs over easy with 2 pieces of whole wheat dry toast.  Protein (eggs) is great because it will keep me feeling full.

Drinking water - also keeps me feeling full

12:00...the big feast.  I'm focusing on veggies and turkey.  I'll probably fill my plate 2/3 with veggies 1 piece of white meat (no gravy), and my one splurge will be the absolutely, fabulously, not at all healthy, sweet potato dish.

I will not be going back for seconds and I will not be munching on all the snacks that sit out all day (unless it's raw veggies - no dip).

Drinking more water

2:00...If my little cousins are playing football or baseball in the backyard I'll jump into a game and show 'em who's boss.  If they're not playing, I'll see who I can con into walking around the block with me.

Drinking even more water

3:30...This is when the dangerous desserts come out.  I know I'm having a sliver (SLIVER) of apple pie.  It's my favorite.

Still drinking water

5:00...The only leftovers I will be taking home will be turkey and veggies.  And I'll probably have a very small portion of those leftovers for dinner.

There you have it, my Turkey Day plan.  I strongly suggest you spend a little time thinking about your thanksgiving plan.  Trust me, it works.  If you really want to hold yourself accountable pre-write your workout and what you're going to eat in your accountability journal the night before.  If you don't think that will work then email your plan to your trainer.  You can find our contact info at  That way you know if you don't stick to your plan you'll pay for it come Monday!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Sabrina Lynn Domenosky and the Fitness Together Team

P.S.  If you are not a current member of Fitness Together and would like to schedule a complimentary post Thanksgiving personal training session visit us at the following websites and request your FREE session. and

H1N1 Clinics for General Public

H1N1 Flu

The North Shore Health Department has scheduled two clinics for anyone who wants the H1N1 immunization:

Thursday, December 3

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Thanksgiving thoughts for beer

As you are planning out your shopping for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, try to plan on some food/beer pairings for your friends and relatives.  As we await fall and winter take a look for some of the great Winter seasonals that are hitting store shelves and any fall beers that may remain.  Here are some beer choices that will pair well with whatever is on your menu.

Seasonal beers:

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Booze and Belts Mobilization

Bayside, drunk driving, Fox Point, River Hills

Although deaths and injuries from traffic crashes devastate individuals, families and entire communities throughout the year, they seem to be even more tragic during the holiday season.

To prevent these horrible crashes, Bayside, River Hills and Fox Point Police Departments will mobilize along with other law enforcement agencies throughout the state for the "Booze and Belts" traffic safety effort from December 7th to 15th.

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Costs to Consider in Bringing an Invention to Market

invention, manufacturer, product, production, costs

Inventors' and Entrepreneurs' Forum
Next Meeting: January 28, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.
To be held at: Marquette University High School
(Room 127, Conference Center)
3306 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, WI

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